All About Mess it Up…

During the school term we offer weekly sessions at our new Headquarters in Currans Hill. This is our brand new space dedicated to play based learning and fun!

Our space has a range of different zones including a dedicated messy play zone, craft and playdough area, building zone, home corner, softplay zone and sensory space. We are also lucky ebough to have afantastic outdoor space that has some great things for the children to explore!

Our messy play setups can sometimes be less messy and more sensory e.g. playdough, rice and bean play and craft. Some will be a little bit messy e.g. spaghetti, coconut and sand. Some will be super messy e.g. shaving cream, slime, and mud.

Our themes change every fortnight. And whilst we run 1 theme over two weeks the set ups will be different and always new for them to explore.

A few important things to note:

  • They will get messy so please bring a change of clothes and a towel. Once the session is over its nice to pop on some fresh clothes to head home. Please also bring a bag to take the clothes home in.
  • Our space is nut free.
  • Try to have an open mind. Our sessions are probably unlike anything you have attended before. Just know we have made a safe environment for them to enjoy at their own pace.
  • This is not a child minding service. Our sessions are child led but parent supervised and interactive.


The research has been done and the benefits of a good messy play session most defiantly out way the clean-up.

Allowing your child to participate in uninstructed play encourages:

  • Confidence
  • Imagination and tactile understanding.

It helps develop:

  • Language
  • Enables risk taking
  • Build independence
  • Creativity

Remember- there is no right or wrong way to play messy!

Incursions: At Mess it up we also offer incursions. We can come to schools, daycares or playgroups for a messy and sensory session. Contact us for more information (hyperlink to contact us)