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Welcome to Baby Play
Toddler Tornadoes

Our Baby Play and Toddler Tornado classes are a wonderful opportunity for mums and bubs to get out of the house in those early stages of motherhood.

Baby Play is perfect for our younger friends, 6 weeks to 8 months
Toddler Tornadoes is suited to, 9 months to 19 months

Our 45 min sessions are structured with music and mat time and then messy play!

During the sessions we will give the children the chance to hear, see, feel and touch an array of new and exciting things.

Messy Play

We want to encourage our younger friends to get involved in messy play as early as possible. The benefits of messy play are so important for cognitvie development. That development best occurs when childrens senses are stimulated and what better way that during messy time!

During our sessions we offer a range of different setups for the Children to explore. We use a variety of materials including water, taste safe paint and mud, spaghetti, balloons, ice and bubbles.

Physical development is also a fantastic benefit of messy play. It allows the babies to develop an awareness of their body and strengthen muscle control.


Our Baby Play sessions run in 10 weeks blocks. Our next block will start on Monday the 29th April. Tickets go on sale April 8th

All of our Baby and Toddler sessions run at:
Jack Nash Clubroom
Nash Place
Currans Hill

Baby Play:

Baby Play
Mondays 11am & 12:30pm
Wednesdays 9:15am & 11am
Friday 11am

Toddler Tornadoes
Mondays 9:15am
Wednesday 12:30am
Friday 9:15am

Bookings are essential. Head to our bookings page to find out availability