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ntroducing the Gemstone Selection box by Kaper Kidz, a treasure trove of exploration and wonder. Unveil the captivating beauty of the earth with this collection box, featuring 25 different tumbled semi-precious gemstones to ignite your curiosity. Marvel at the vibrant colours, unique patterns, and dazzling lustre as you hold each gemstone in your hands. With such a diverse assortment, you’ll discover an array of treasures waiting to be explored. To enhance your gemstone journey, each stone is accompanied by a picture on the back. Match your gemstones to their corresponding images and names. Expand your knowledge and become a gemstone connoisseur while building your own stunning collection The Ultimate Gemstone Collection by Kaper Kidz offers an educational and awe-inspiring experience for gemstone enthusiasts of all ages. Delve into the wonders of the earth and let the magic of gemstones captivate your imagination.

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