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Looking for something other than chocolate this Easter? Our Bath Sprudels are the perfect alternative, giving kids hours of bath time fun. They are also the perfect size to hide in an Easter egg hunts.

The Sprudels (bath bombs) fizz, slowly releasing a lovely fragrance into the air as they colours the bath water. Hidden inside the Sprudel is a cute surprise sponge character.

The Egg Sprudel range comes in three unique designs (a variety of colours will be included in this pack of 10); blue egg with red dots, turquoise egg with yellow dots and orange egg with green dots. Egg Sprudels are carefully themed to release egg-laying sponge animals, which will encourage educational fun for all involved.

All our products are handmade and our ingredients are food grade quality, making them safe for children. Our colourance is bright and exciting but mums and dads, it won’t stain your bath (or your children!!). All our products are recommended for children 3 years and older. 

Product Weight: 55g