Messy Play Parties

As of August 2019 we are very excited to be able to offer parties at our Mess it Up Headquarters in Currans Hill.

Mess it Up are excited to now be offering parties in house as well as at a venue of your find out about our inhouse parties at Mess it Up headquarters please click here:

At Home Events

We can come to your house or venue of your choice, set up the activities, stay to refill and monitor, then we pack it all up and leave you to enjoy the rest of your party.


While we do offer set packages the final price may vary depending on amount of children attending and how many stations you would like to have.

 A) $250 for up to 10 children and 4 activities
B) $290 for up to 15 children and 5 activities
C) $330 for up to 20 children and 6 activities
(Additional children will be $15 per child).
We arrive 45mins before your party starts to set up, the activities are available to be played with for 90mins and then we spend 30mins packing and cleaning up.

Station ideas
You can select from a range of different station ideas.

Things like playdough and a craft/painting are always a crowd pleaser.

A spaghetti table, rice or coconut set up work well. We can also do moon sand, taste safe mud and slime. When the warmer weather comes, we can do parties full of water play. Depending on the level of messiness we can also include a kid’s kitchen, full of things they can mix and blend together. The possibilities are endless. We want to work with you to decide what activities will work best for the season, age bracket and number of children attending the party.

If you would like a quote for a party at your house or council hall please fill out the below form. Please give as much detail as possible.