Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

What locations do you run in?
We currently operate in Currans Hill and Bligh Park

What is the age you cater for?
Our Baby Play is for 6 week – 8 months.
Toddler Tornadoes is for 9 months to 19months.
Regular Messy Play and Wild Dragonfly Cafe is for 1-4yr olds

Do I pay week by week?
Mess it Up runs on a term by term basis. The pricing depends on the amount of weeks in a term but currently we are $140 for a 10 week term, so it works out at $14 a week. This must be paid in full before the term begins.

Do you offer casual sessions?
Yes. When our regulars are away or sick we are happy to fill those spots with a casual visit. They are listed on our website the weekend prior to the session and are $15 per child.

Are all the products you use all taste safe?
At Mess it Up we try to use as many taste safe products as possible however we can have stations set up with things we wouldn’t recommend eating. Things like mud, if tasted, will have no lasting effect but we wouldn’t suggest sitting down and having a bowl for lunch. We find once they have a taste, with a bit of discouragement from mum, they usually don’t try it again.

What allergies do you cater for?
We are egg, nut and dairy free. Any other allergies must be discussed before a booking is made.

Do we have to clean up?
Absolutely not! All you have to clean is your child. The rest is done by the Mess it Up team.

Are you a child minding service?
No we are not. This is a parent interactive and parent supervised session.

What do we have to bring?
We suggest a change of clothes and a towel. In the summer months please pack a hat and a bottle of water for your child.

Can we eat during the session?
Due to different allergies present at the session we ask that you refrain from feeding your child during the session. We understand that when a child wants to eat then they eat so if they must have something please keep it egg, nut and dairy free

Can I bring a younger sibling/ baby with me ?
Yes! Bubs in arms or prams can absolutely come. 

Do you offer refunds?
No we do not so please make your selection carefully.

What if I am sick or away one week?
We will try to offer you a make up session where possible.  If we cannot find you a suitable class to attend then unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do.

Any other questions please contact us. We hope to see you at a session soon!